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Tree Trimming and pruning is essential in the health and vitality of trees. You should almost see tree pruning as regular haircuts for humans. It encourages Tree Growth and structure; this helps minimize the risk of broken limbs and falling branches. Overgrown trees can cause structural damages to your tree. Regular pruning promotes proper weight distribution.

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Tree Pruning is the process the removal of any live parts of a tree. Tree Pruning is undertaken on tree’s to promote its health, safety, and aesthetic qualities. Tree Pruning requires care and attention, whilst following best practices to avoid harming the tree. Our team will assess the tree’s species, age and specific needs when determining the technique and extent of pruning required. Regular maintenance may be necessary , such as annual or seasonal pruning to maintain a healthy and well shaped tree. We carry out tree pruning with various tools, such as pruning shears or saws, for larger tree’s we may use pruning saw and hedge trimmers.

Crown Reductions

Crown Reduction is the process of carefully reducing a tree’s height and/or selectively removing foliage to alleviate the mechanical stress of the tree. This technique is used to reduce the overall size of the tree and reduce the effects of shading and light loss. The end result of the tree should be a trimmed tree within its main framework.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the process of removing some of the tree’s inner and outer branches to allow more light and air to pass through the tree’s canopy. One of the main goals of crown thinning is to remove crossing or rubbing branches; as they cause lesions on the tree’s bark, which could increase the risk of branch breakage and other negative health effects.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves removing all the lower branches up to a certain height. The space created below the tree’s crown is called clearance. This can have a profound impact, creating a feeling of spaciousness and letting more light into the space below. Raising the tree canopy can also help the tree looks best by revealing its natural architectural structure.

Tree Pollarding

Tree Pollarding is a pruning technique that involves removing a tree’s leafbearing branches back to a a simplified core structure. Tree pollarding should carried out every 1 to 3 years, as the tree will produce a flush of new shoots from the newly created pollard heads. Tree pollarding is carried out for a few reasons such as, signs of die back, to prevent trees from outgrowing there allotted space or street tree’s that may block streetlights or signs.

Why Choose our Tree Trimming and Pruning services Durham

At Tree surgeons Durham our experts will carry out all tree work to British standards (BS5837 / BS3998 & IS09001). Regarding Tree Trimming we will apply the ABC cut. This mitigates the tearing of limbs or branches and minimize the risk of infection and diseases. We strictly adhere to the guidelines set out in the British Standards (BS3998) and never make flash cuts.

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Tree Pruning FAQs

What Month Do you Prune Trees in Durham ?

It is recommended by most arboriculture associations that tree pruning should be undertaken during the dormant season, this is because during the winter season due to the less amount of leaves on the tree, the arborist has a clearer view of which branches to trim. It is also much easier to deal with disease control during the winter months.

Will You tidy up After You’ve Finished?

Our duty is not only to carry out Tree Pruning, but also keep the working area safe and clean. We will dispose all debris from our work. Leaving your garden clean and tidy.

How Much does Tree Pruning Durham cost?

The average cost of tree pruning can start as low as £200 for a tree less than 20 ft, up to £1500 for a tree larger then 50ft. There are several factors that effect the cost of tree pruning which include; Size of the tree, species of the tree, location of the tree, type of pruning needed and

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