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Welcome to Tree surgeon Byker. We provide tree care services to residential and commercial clients. Our team of Expert arborist and tree surgeons are fully trained and experienced so you can be assured of the care and quality we always provide.

We offer a range of tree surgeon services catering to both commercial and domestic clients. Having your property or office surrounded by beautiful landscape is the dream of most homeowners. That’s why our expertise spans from tree removals, stump grinding to essential tree maintenance tasks like pruning, crowning, thinning and hedge trimming. So that your landscape is well maintained and enriches your properties aesthetics.

We realize the tree-related terminology can be complex and confusing, that’s why we try to educate our customers on the best courses of action to take. A well-informed customer is a happy customer. Our team of Specialist tree surgeons are committed to providing you with free advice and tree surveys. Something as simple as advising you on the risks of crown reduction in the spring, as this can cause a tree to ‘bleed’ with sap, or helping you identify the best soil types for your tree planting. 

It really is the smaller details that makes a huge difference and separates the quality of a tree surgeon. Our vast knowledge and arboriculture experience allows us to constantly provide the best possible service for our customers.

To Discuss Your Tree service Requirements or to arrange a Free Quotation with Tree Surgeon Byker Please either fill in the contact us form or Call Us On 07401301869 . We also provide Free On-site Quotes.



We’re fully insured and have the knowledge and expertise to handle any tree-related task.

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There are many reasons to choose a professional tree surgeon in Byker. Here are just a few:

Safety – Tree surgery can be a complex & dangerous task, and it is imperative to have someone with experience and training performing the work. A professional tree surgeon will have undergone numerous education & accreditation before they are deemed to carry out any tree cutting for the public.

Experience – A Certified Tree Surgeon will have developed there knowledge and expertise through various training and education. This training is of upmost importance, as tree removal can cause loss of wildlife, humans & structural damage if not done by a professional.

Training – A professional tree surgeon will have undergone extensive training in order to be able to perform their job safely and effectively. This training includes learning how to properly use the equipment and how to identify different types of trees and what type of cutting to perform on trees to not cause further or future damage.

Equipment – A professional tree surgeon will have the proper equipment to safely and effectively remove a tree. This equipment includes chainsaws, ladders, and other specialized tools.

Insurance – A professional tree surgeon will be insured in case of any accidents or injuries that may occur during the course of their work. This insurance will protect you from any financial responsibility if an accident were to occur.

Choosing a professional tree surgeon in Byker is the best way to ensure that your tree removal project is completed safely and effectively. With our experience, training, and equipment, we will be able to handle any tree removal project you may have. We Are Your Accredited Tree Surgeon Company.




Our friendly experienced team of arborist are the masters of our craft only using the most up to date tree surgery techniques and highly specialized equipment to achieve aesthetically pleasing, healthy maintained trees and falls in line with legal regulations ( TPO, Health & Safety regulations)  .

We understand that trees are an important part of the environment, and we take care to preserve them where possible. However, we also recognise that sometimes it is necessary to remove trees in order to improve safety or aesthetics. Whatever your reasons for needing tree work carried out, we will be able to help you.

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Tree removal is necessary if your trees have become hazardous with overhanging branches, leaning onto properties & structure, they have become diseased, or you need to increase your landscape space for a project. If this is the case, then we have you covered. Our team has extensive experience in handling tree removals, even in narrow spaces and challenging locations.

As necessary as tree removal can be in some circumstances there are laws and regulations that still protect wildlife and trees, that’s why our team of experts will do the due diligence for you and also submit applications to the local planning authority for Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) within the Conservation Areas.

Types OF Tree Removal

  • Tree Felling which is the most common method of tree removal. This is done by cutting a notch at the bottom of the tree specific to the way you want the tree to fall. This method allows workers to be on the ground and can be done with a chainsaw or axe. Just like how you see it in movies.
  • Section Felling this is done by using rigging cables to climb the tree and cutting branches and trunk segments which are then lowered to the ground.
  • Bucket Removal is the use of a cherry picker that lifts workers so that they can cut clear away a tree by sections. This method is beneficial when the tree in question is rotting and can’t support climbers. Although this method needs planning and due diligence ahead of time. 
  • Crane Removal, this is by far the most technical one out of the 4 as using a crane requires a good amount of space for the set up of the crane and navigation of the large trees coming down. This method needs careful planning but gets the job done surgically.

As you can see cutting a tree isn’t as straight forward as you may think. Each tree has it’s own circumstances that need to be assessed for the best possible desired outcome in the safest manner. Our Expert tree surgeons use a developed comprehensive process to approach each project. This allows us to cater to your needs and present you with affordable tree removals whilst ensuring safety of lives and properties.



Our professional Tree Trimming & Pruning services in Byker, are designed to enrich the health and aesthetics of your trees, we also remedy your trees to promote natural growth while reducing potential risks . 

Reasons For Tree Trimming & Pruning

  • Removal of dangerous or defective branches
  • Hazardous overhanging trees onto structure or pathways
  • Increase sun exposure to property
  • Reduction of Wind Loading as this may cause branches to fall

Regular Tree pruning is essential in maintaining healthy and beautiful trees, as this promotes air circulation and sunlight penetration. It is also greatly increases sun exposure your property receives once the tree is trimmed or pruned. 

Tree Pruning or Tree Trimming is a general term for various methods of selective removal of branches on a tree. The three specific techniques used in Tree Pruning are Crown Lifting, Crown Thinning and Crown Reduction.

  • Crown Lifting is removing the lowest branches on the tree, to lift the height of the crown’s base. This is done to increase sun exposure through the branches or to enable access under the crown.
  • Crown Thinning is the selective removal of inner/smaller branches. This is to allow allows light and air to travel through the crown.
  • Crown Reduction is to reduce the height and spread of the crown (the foilage bearing portions) of a tree, usually cutting back the upper part of the tree canopy.  This method is used when a tree has outgrown its permitted space on the landscape.

Tree Trimming needs strategic planning and thought that’s why here at Tree Surgeon Byker our years of expertise will help you make informed decisions on your tree’s vitality. We have the methods and tools to reach any objective. Speak to an expert like us before deciding to carry out any work.

To Discuss Your Tree Service Requirements or to arrange a FREE quotation with Tree Surgeon Byker Please either fill in the contact us form or Call Us On 07401301869

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Do you have stumps in your landscape or garden, that’s like a sore thumb sticking out. Well that tree stump is what’s leftover after a tree has been removed. Left-over stump can be more hazardous then you think with suckering and root rot happening down below, it can also spread disease and infection to other trees or plants nearby. There’s more reasons to remove a tree stump then to keep it.

Our Tree Removal Crew are fully trained and experienced and can tackle any stump the needs removing or grinding in Byker.

Common Misconceptions

Your first thought might be to remove the stumps yourself after emerging yourself with all the several methods mentioned online, so let us warn you before you taking on this tedious task that’s prone to so many risks. You may end up with a bigger job than what you initially started with. Stump removal requires experience with specialized machinery and expert knowledge. 

Stump Removal Or Stump Grinding ?

Stump Removal is the process of digging out the entire root system and cutting away the roots.

Stump Grinding is the process of grinding down the stump to “below grade” which means all visible parts of the stump and any roots that come above ground.

As you can see stump removal is the complete removal of the stump and roots whilst stump grinding just removes the stump and all surface level leftovers leaving behind roots. If you wish to build on where the tree stump was then we suggest removing the stump completely. Stump grinding is a more cost effective method but leaves behind the risk of insect infestation and the spread of decay around your garden as the roots are left.

We advise you use us here at Tree Surgeon Byker as we have expert knowledge and can provide you with expert removal and grinding of your stumps. 



Here at Tree Surgeon Byker, we specialize in hedge trimming, pruning & shaping. We know how unpleasant overgrown hedges may make your property look. That’s why our team of skilled tree surgeons or Edwards scissor hands will carve you a beautiful, manicured hedge.

We offer tailored hedge care solutions, as each hedge has its own unique growth pattern pruning requirements, this is due to the hedge specie. The Most common UK hedge types include…


  • Clipped Buxus (box)
  • Taxus (Yew)
  • Viburum or Crataegus (hawthorn)
  • Reduction of Wind Loading as this may cause branches to fall

Whether you have formal hedges that require precise shaping or informal hedges that have more natural shape that requires trimming once or twice a year to maintain the overall size, we have the expertise to craft you beautiful looking hedges.

You may require our hedge trimming services if your hedges have overgrown too far onto the pavement or obscuring your windows, doors or views. No matter the case we are here to provide you the service you need.

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Do I need permission to cut down a tree in my garden?

For private properties or homeowners, you generally don’t need permission to cut down a tree in your garden. However, it’s important to be aware that the council may have authority over trees on private land, especially if they are subject to a Tree Preservation Order or located within a Conservation Area.

What is a Tree Preservation Order?

A Tree Preservation Order, legislated by the local planning authority (such as the Local Council) in England, safeguards specific trees, wildlife species, and woodlands. TPOs prevent these trees from being cut down, topped, lopped, uprooted, or deliberately destroyed without the Local Council’s permission.

When to call a Tree Surgeon?

Call a Tree Surgeon immediately in emergencies, like fallen or unstable trees that pose a danger to lives and structures, potentially causing burst pipes and downed telephone lines. Other reasons to contact a tree surgeon include overgrown trees, signs of disease, or when you need space for a new landscape design.

How Much Do Tree Surgeons charge per hour UK?

The average cost of a tree surgeon is £40 to £60 per hour. Tree surgery often requires a team of 2 or 3, depending on the job’s size. For a precise and affordable quote, request an on-site visual assessment rather than describing your needs over the phone. You can also read into our tree surgeon cost guide.

When is the best time to prune a tree?

Light trimming can occur year-round. However, for tasks like removing long, dead branches or significantly reducing a tree’s size, it’s best to wait for the tree’s dormant period, typically in late autumn or winter, to aid the tree’s healing process.

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